Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm getting them!!

My hubby is wonderful! I'm getting my Needlemaster set!!! I found them on sale at Joannes.com for 50 bucks and on ebay for around 30. So, he said ok.....yay me! Yay for knitting! Yay yay yay!

This is a pic of my younger son. He is visiting this week from his dad's house. Just thought I'd put a pic up of him. We're having a good time hanging out together. I do have to work the next three days but that's ok.
I'm out! Just wanted to share my good news.

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Lora said...

Amy, Check out knit picks metal set. I have the boyle set and the knitpicks set and LOVE the knit picks more than the boyle. The cable on the Knitpicks is more flexible. The only down part is knit picks doesn't go up to size us 13 in the set I got, so I still use my Boyle 13's when I need that size.