Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Well, I finished the dishcloth! I thought it should be more square...but it is cool as heck anyway! The next one will be in a solid color with a pattern. There are too many cute ones out there! I'm still working on the square for Warm-Up America and my scarf. Time to put something new on the needles I think!

I'm out


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Warm-Up America

My newest project OTN is a 7 x 9 inch square for Warm-Up America.

Looks pretty unimpressive now but it will be cool when knitted up with many others. I should say it will be pretty warm. I'm wanting to do more charity knitting so I decided to jump on in with this one. This is being knitted in Simply Soft in black because that is what I had. There is a contest going for the group who knits the most squares with Simply Soft which has a prize of $300. My group plans to use the money if we win for more yarn to make more squares for those in need! If you are interested in joining our group, leave me a comment and I'll get you the address.

Next still on the needle is my dishcloth. I'm about 3/4 of the way done now. I am loving it. Can't wait to do some more of them. I don't have anymore cotton yarn tho....hmmm must go yarn shopping! What a drag!! *wink*

Hope you are still voting daily for February Knit Girl. Contest ends on Thursday! Well, I'm off to run errands.

I'm out


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

February Knit Girl

Just in case you haven't noticed the little banner, I'm up for February Knit Girl, which is an honor in itself but I'd really like to win. I'd like to show that moms can be hot too and knitters are so definately hot.....raaaar!

Here is what you are looking for when you click on the banner that says Vote For Me!
You can vote once a day and please do. I'm trailing badly...limping Check out the site while you are there. It is quite amazing.
I'm out

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What to do with this yarn?

So, I just got this yummy yarn from Herrshner's on clearance! Now, I only have one skein and I've never worked with this kind of fiber....

I am now asking you...any ideas?

Monday, January 21, 2008

Better today

Well I finished the other wrist warmer and sewed it and the other one up just a tad tighter. They are still bigger than I'd like them but they are pretty just the same. Next time I'll make them with 25 co sts instead of 30 I think.

On the needle right now is a dishcloth I'm doing in some yummy Peaches and Cream and a blanket I'm trying on my circulars I got for Christmas. The circulars are a bit of a challenge since I didn't straighten them out at all before using them so they are a bit twisty.
Well thats all that's OTN for me. I went to The Knaughty Knitter yesterday and took Lexi with me. She had a good time being around other knitters.
Guess Im out

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Oh bother!

I just finished one of the wrist warmers and after frogging some because I was busy chatting and then finally finishing......guess what? It is too durn big!!! Could go around my ankle for heaven's

So...I'm going to make the other one...and cast on less stitches this time but keep my size 10 needle and see if this one is a better fit. THEN...I'll frog the other one.

I went to The Knaughty Knitter today which is (although I had a marvelous time) where I messed up my warmer (more than once). Thanks to Jess who helped when I messed up...I think that was her name.


I'm out


Monday, January 14, 2008

New Project OTN

This is my latest project...wrist warmers in LB Homespun. As you can see, I've barely started.

I'm also going to start another loomed hat out of the blue Homespun I have for a lady who works drive-thru at McDonalds. I used to work drive-thru so I had sympanthy on her freezing at the window. When she asked if I could make her a hat (had one on the loom on the seat beside me)...I told her I'd do it for a few bucks. I should have that done by tomorrow morning so I can take it to her when I'm running errands.
I'm out

I finished it finally!

I finally finished my purse and I'm quite happy with it! I actually designed it myself and I'm so proud! what to put on the needles?
I'm out

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Almost done

Well, I finished the body of the purse now. I just have to finish the strap and sew it all up. Not my favorite part. I hope it turns out ok. I wrote down the pattern for it today in case it turns out good.

I've also been working on my website. Got all kinds of new goodies on here. I hope it loads ok for those on dial-up. If you are on dial-up, let me know how it is working.

Tomorrow is church and I have a part in a skit.

I'm out

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Yet another

I finished yet another hat on the loom...this one for Steven, my oldest ds. I dont have a pic of it yet since I like to have my stuff modeled and he isn't around. I may have to settle for modeling it myself tomorrow. I'm still working on my purse. I'm lovin the way it is coming together.

I have so many other projects I want to start if people would stop wanting Not that I'm really complaining mind you! How wonderful it is to have my knitting skills in demand...hehe.

I went to McDonalds the other day through the drive thru and had my loom on the seat next to me with a hat in progress. The girl in drive thru requested a hat and said she'd pay me for my yarn....*shrug*....I might do it.

I started a new yahoo group today. It is for the weight loss/nutrition program we are doing at my church...called First Place. It is a Christian based Weight Watchers kind of program with bible study included. So, I'm writing down everything I eat. I never realized I either don't eat anything or I eat a LOT. *sigh*

I think I'm going to be off tomorrow unless the lady I subbed for today is again out sick. This will give me plenty of time to knit.....*yay*!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Pic of purse otn

Here is the purse I'm working on...slow going but that's ok.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Purse party

I'm working on a purse for me...yes me. It will be the second project just for myself. I just finished a gorgeous hat for myself on the loom. This purse, I'm knitting on needles tho...I'm making my own pattern. I'll take a pic of it tomorrow and post it's progress.

I've got Daniel, my ds, loom knitting now. He loves it.

Knitting is so'm so happy I picked up those first two needles. Today I went shopping and picked up some wonderful LB Homespun for some hats on the loom. I also bought a set of circular needles and some wonderful yarn for socks.

Tomorrow is church and I'm going to knit all the way there.

I'm out

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Pics and U Tube

Great news! Now I have UTube knitting videos on my blog. I also have my knitting projects on Rock You which I think is just kind of fun.

I finished Amy's hat as you can see by the pic of her on the Rock U thingy. She loves it. Now she wants a drawstring bag to match. Doh! That means I have to make a trip to buy more LB Homespun yarn...hehe.

I'm out


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Workin on my bloggy

I've added pics, info and links and such...enjoy. I plan to add patterns some time in the future. I showed my good friend the hats I made on my KK I'm making another one to match the scarf I made for her. I'll post pics when I get it finished.

I need to get off here and knit.......hehe....

I'm out


Knit 1

Wow, my first blog on Blogger! I'm going to use this blog vs my myspace for my knitting stuff and my knitting friends since myspace has gotten a bit...well it just isn't what I want to display my knitting.

I'm off today to look at Barnes and Noble because they have a huge amount of books on knitting.

I'll post more later and put up some pics of my knittin work recently.

I'm out