Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'm still alive...and still knitting!

See? I'm still knitting...hehe. I've been so busy with Lexi and VBS and church I've hardly had time to really work on my sweater but here it is. I love how it is looking. I'm very proud of it actually. I'm also still working on Bill's remote holder but it doesn't look much different so I haven't taken any new pics. The crocheting is slow going. I had to rip it all out since I was missing a stitch every row and my scarf kept getting narrower and narrower. LOL.

Here is a pic of my daughter at VBS...she had such a great time and so did I. I volunteered in the craft area as a crafts teacher. Right up my alley eh?

Well it is Saturday and I'm going to try to finish the first ball of yarn on my sweater and start number two today. We're going to watch a movie later so I should get some primo knitting time.

I'm out


Monday, June 2, 2008

Crocheting? Me?

Yup! I am learning to crochet! I am mostly doing it because I want to learn to put edges on things that require such. I don't want to keep being put off by knitting patterns that list a crochet hook in the instructions, ya know?

So, I'm just making a simple little double crochet scarf. I know it isn't much but it will do.

I've been doing a lot on my sweater too. I didn't take a pic of that tho...oops!

My birthday is in three days and I can't wait. I'm going shopping for a new outfit for my party (which is Saturday) tomorrow I hope.

I'm out