Thursday, September 25, 2008

Its been a long time

Well, Wal-mart has been keeping me pretty busy as you probably guessed. I have so much to update, it just isn't funny. First off, I've had to quit cashiering and move to the fitting room. I started getting some kind of ligament or something going on in my right hand. Lifting the things across the scanner just strained it too badly. Update of that is, my hand still hurts even tho I'm not cashiering so I have to go to a hand specialist...geez. I had to take a small pay cut in order to go to the fitting room but I actually like it better. So, it all works out. The only drag is the hours. I'm working all nights. I do have some good days off tho. Monday and Thursday nights. Monday is card night with Maggie and Steven and Thursday is Grey's Anatomy (tonight is the season premiere!). Bill hates me working this schedule but I had to do something. Cashiering was really hurting my hand.

Due to the problem with my hand, I haven't really been knitting either. It makes my hand ache afterwards. I've done some work on my sweater but I really need to just bite the bullet and get cracking on it since it is now fall and it is a summer

Now for the newest news. I have developed shingles. In case you don't know, shingles is caused by the dormant chicken pox virus which stays in your nerve endings forever after you have the pox. Stress is the most common factor to bring out shingles. It causes a red blistery rash which is actually not the worst part. The worst part is the nerve pain which goes down my arm into my left hand...*eyeroll* and my left elbow. It is now pretty painful. I'm taking some strong meds to help it go away. Hopefully we caught it early enough like the doctor thinks we did.

So, I know this hasn't been much about knitting, but I did want to catch up any straggling readers I have left on what I've been doing. Hang in there...I haven't thrown in my needles yet!

I'm out