Monday, February 4, 2008

Whoopie! Yarn frenzy!

Last night was the Superbowl (good game btw) and we went to a friend's house for the game. This friend is a knitter...guess what she let me do? Shop her stash for free! I brought home a garbage sized sack full of yarn. Some of it is unlabled so I am not sure what it is. Some of it (quite a bit) is cotton dishcloth yarn. Yay, I've been wanting some more of that. Anyway, I was and am quite excited.

I'm almost done with my scarf on my blue KK loom. It is sooo thick and warm! Now, I have to decide what else to put on the needles. Much of the yarn I received will be put to charity knitting. Baby caps and such. Now I'm off to record as much as I can in my stash section at Ravelry!

Hope you all enjoyed your Superbowl gatherings if you had one and your knitting time!

I'm out Poof


Aunt Kathy said...

Well if you ask me that stash is way way way better then winning a super bowl. WOW

kimstitch3 said...

Hey hon, I love your blog, so fancy too. YOu need to help this old girl out. I need to make mine look better, but dont know how to put neat stuff on it yet. Take care.Love ya,Kimmie

Dee said...

Hiya! I've tagged you for this: The Power of 7

It's a little "getting to know you" type thing. :)

Wow! What a great friend!! :)