Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The dreaded 2nd sock syndrome

I did it! I beat 2nd Sock Syndrome! I had that itching feeling going on. That...omg, I've already done this once feeling. HA! But I did it and I did it better! I made the second slipper sock with ribbing on the cuff so it isn't so loose. Course, now they don't match exactly...lol...but hey they are for me around the house and they are my first pair so who cares!?

I'm still working on my dishcloth. I had to rip back a few rows. I keep getting confused watching tv or something and purl when I'm supposed to knit or some such mistake. Argh! It is only for my kitchen but I'm a little anal about it I guess.

Today I'm subbing for pre-schoolers and they are at art so I guess I should go get them.

I'm out


Aunt Kathy said...

Congrats on overcoming the SSS...
Subbing for pre-schoolers... how fun. I love my grandson, he's 3 and this is the best age, he is so excited about learning stuff and learns so fast.

Rayna said...
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