Thursday, January 10, 2008

Yet another

I finished yet another hat on the loom...this one for Steven, my oldest ds. I dont have a pic of it yet since I like to have my stuff modeled and he isn't around. I may have to settle for modeling it myself tomorrow. I'm still working on my purse. I'm lovin the way it is coming together.

I have so many other projects I want to start if people would stop wanting Not that I'm really complaining mind you! How wonderful it is to have my knitting skills in demand...hehe.

I went to McDonalds the other day through the drive thru and had my loom on the seat next to me with a hat in progress. The girl in drive thru requested a hat and said she'd pay me for my yarn....*shrug*....I might do it.

I started a new yahoo group today. It is for the weight loss/nutrition program we are doing at my church...called First Place. It is a Christian based Weight Watchers kind of program with bible study included. So, I'm writing down everything I eat. I never realized I either don't eat anything or I eat a LOT. *sigh*

I think I'm going to be off tomorrow unless the lady I subbed for today is again out sick. This will give me plenty of time to knit.....*yay*!

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knitteakitty said...

Hi Amy,
I put it on my blog as well, but here's where you get the progress bars: